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Top 50 SAT Math Skills, Third Edition

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Proven and practical strategies for success on the Math Skills section of the SAT―completely revised and updated for the latest version of the exam

There are many comprehensive SAT prep books out there, but if you’re looking to master specific skills and increase your score, Top 50 SAT Math Skills, Third Edition offers most effective study strategy available. The first book of its kind to present the heart of each of the 50 most important SAT concepts, this essential guide provides exercises that show you exactly how each math concept is tested on the SAT. 

Written by a renowned educational counselor, this book was created specifically for visual learners, with small bits of information to aid in quick, concentrated study. Within each topic, solved problems of gradually increasing difficulty help you build your problem-solving skills.

  • 50 essential skills, each presented clearly on a two-page spread, offer quick targeted review; the content was created specifically for the visual learner
  • A pre-test designed to identify weaknesses in the critical math concepts on the SAT that students often struggle with
  • Visually appealing, two- to four-page spreads with lessons that boost knowledge in the 50 essential skills, with step-by-step sample exercises
  • A post-test designed to track your progress in each specific skill
  • A full answer key with helpful explanations
  • 2 extra tests online