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The Compleat Day Trader I & II

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The Compleat Day Trader I

Since The Compleat Day Trader was first published, the tools available to day traders have become incomparably more efficient and effective, thereby dramatically increasing your chances of success. On the flip side, day trading is much riskier and faster paced than ever before. Staying current isn't an option for the serious day trader--it's an absolute necessity.

Jake Bernstein has revamped his bestselling guide, The Compleat Day Trader, to bring you fully up to date on his trading model, methods, and indicators, all of which are designed to help you take advantage of dramatically increased volatility in the global stock, futures, and forex markets.

In order to generate profits consistently, you need to define your intraday time frames, implement a specific trading model, and develop objective and operational procedures.

The Compleat Day Trader walks you through these critical processes step by step to help you execute with focus, logic, and objectivity--no matter how volatile the markets may be. Bernstein’s powerful and clear tools are designed to give you the advantage you'll need. Learn about his:

  • MA Channel Swing Trade with Triggers and Setups
  • MAC Patterns and Signals
  • Power Momentum Day-Trade Formula
  • MACD Divergence Setups and Triggers
  • Gap Day-Trade Method
  • Profit-Maximizing Strategies
  • Media Day-Trade Strategy

For fifteen years, traders around the world have been relying on The Compleat Day Trader to help them achieve the highest possible levels of performance. Bernstein presents trading tools and methods that are clear and objective, unlike the mythical, magical, or subjective tools that are so common these days.

This refreshed, updated edition of The Compleat Day Trader provides you with the knowledge you need to make handsome profits while lowering your exposure--so you can rise to the top echelon of day traders.

The Compleat Day Trader II

Updated day trading strategies - from veteran analyst, trader, and market researcher Jake Bernstein. Jake Bernstein's "The Compleat Day Trader" introduced thousands of traders to the exciting accessible, and high-profit-potential world of day trading. Bernstein is back, bringing with him the latest day trading breakthroughs, strategies, and secrets, in "The Compleat Day Trader II". Covering advanced trading systems and techniques, "The Compleat Day Trader II" digs deep into the competitive psychology and state-of-the-art strategies that drive today's high-income legends.Emphasizing details that separate the successful day traders from the "wannabes," Bernstein's high-powered new book delivers: step-by-step directions for trading strategies including hit and run trading, the 30-minute Breakout, the Power Balance method, and more; up-to-date research on the philosophy and psychology of successful day trading, showing you how to master trading by first mastering yourself; indicator formulas and system codes ready for use in any market climate. Hone your trading instincts with day trading tools and systems in Jake Bernstein's "The Compleat Day Trader II", and start now to recognize and exploit day trading opportunities in today's volatile markets!