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The Best Advanced Paper Aircraft Book 1 (mục lục không có số trang)

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For Kids and Adults, this is the best paper plane book to challenge your folding and flying skills! Works for both US Letter and A4 paper

Impressive fold-only models... Long Distance Glider was a top performer.- WIRED Magazine

This appealing book contains airplanes, darts and wings. Only three models are cut.- Stephen Weiss (origami author)

...(one of the) best folding-only (with the odd exception) books currently in print.- Nick Robinson (origami author)

Written by Carmel when she was 15 years old while living in Australia, this book has sold over 300,000 copies worldwide. Many have tried to copy the models over the years but these are the original and the best as reviewed by many paper airplane enthusiasts and critics.

First published by Harper Collins (Sydney, London) as Advanced Paper Aircraft and by Putnam (New York) as The Best Paper Aircraft, this new print edition features detailed folding instructions you can take anywhere in a handy 6 x 9 inch size. There are no pullout pages or cutout shapes, so no wastage, meaning more model designs in one book. Just use a piece of A4 or Letter copy paper, follow the diagrams, and you're off to a flying start.

This book has been referenced in the bibliography of many other paper airplane books. Models in this book have also appeared in several airline in-flight magazines (including the Concorde), and demonstrated on The Late Show and the BBC.

For kids and adults, you'll have endless fun folding and flying, and be inspired to create your own designs.