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The Art of Precast Concrete: Colour, Texture, Expression

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Precast concrete is the manufacture, prefabrication and customisation of concrete to meet the most stringent requirements of surface finish, dimensional accuracy, durability and appearance. Whilst being a versatile product giving the architect great freedom to shape, sculpture and create bespoke designs it can also be as expensive as natural stone if it is over-specified. Modern precast concrete can be produced economically by two fundamental casting methods - conventional flat panel construction using wet or semi dry concrete mixes or poured into vertical moulds and compacted. How we detail precast concrete, determine the size of the units and specify the surface finish required, will be influenced by the chosen method of production. It is important therefore that architects and designers appreciate the differences in production techniques as they have a significant influence on the cost, the lead time required for manufacture, and the site erection time. There is now a varied aesthetic choice and a wide range of styles that can be accommodated in modern precast concrete as we can see in the organic shaped curves of Calatrava's and Zaha Hadid buildings, and the post modern expressionism of Hertzog and de Mueron's and MacCormac Jamieson Pritchard's architecture for example. This book explains the different ways in which modern precast concrete can be produced and utilised. It describes the processes involved, the range of colours and finishes that each approach can achieve. General guidance is given on specifying and detailing precast concrete. Case studies of significant and innovative modern buildings and structures, demonstrates how modern precast concrete can be expressed in both conservation and restoration work, in radical and bold architecture or in a restrained and minimalist way. The book contains 200 pages of drawings, details and illustrations of precast concrete buildings and methods of production.