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Test and Assess Your Brain Quotient: Discover Your True Intelligence with Tests of Aptitude, Logic, Memory, EQ, Creative and Lateral Thinking

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IQ testing works on the assumption that we are all born with an inherited intelligence - a fixed quantity that cannot be increased. However there are different types of intelligence, such as creativity, logic, lateral thinking, memory and personality (EQ/Emotional Intelligence) that are equally or more important than IQ.

Test and Assess Your Brain Quotient helps you to assess these different types of intelligence. It consists of numerous tests and assessments which examine your agility of mind, powers of logical analysis, numerical, verbal and spatial aptitudes, memory and personality. The results of the tests are then collated into a final section, providing an overall rating or Brain Quotient (BQ). The brain quotient reveals your strengths, such as connecting with people emotionally and your weaknesses, such as a poor memory, helping you to identify your true potential for achievement. It will help you to build and capitalise on these strengths while improving your performance in areas of weakness.

Test and Assess Your Brain Quotient will help you to exploit your enormous brain potential, increase its performance and enhance quickness of thought. Whether you want to find out how clever you really are, or you just wish to stretch your mind for your own entertainment, this is a fascinating, challenging book.