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Super Earth Encyclopedia

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This visual encyclopedia is the ultimate page-turner, bringing our planet's most diverse and dramatic features together in spectacular style.

Go on a breathtaking journey around the world. Scale the highest mountains, explore incredible weather patterns, and come face-to-face with the deadly forces of nature.

Kids can explore the incredible, ever-changing features of Earth through mind-blowing photography, brand-new CGI artwork, fun facts, and stats. This fascinating reference book is sure to inspire the ecologists and scientists of tomorrow.

Curious kids want to know everything about their planet. How do tornadoes form? What does the center of a volcanic eruption look like? Where is the hottest inhabited place on Earth? Investigate our world from its core to its cosmic connections when you journey through the spectacular imagery of colorful coral reefs, castle-like ice caves, and violent microbursts.

This lively encyclopedia engages young readers with riveting information and eye-catching photography. Super Earth Encyclopedia will take your child on a jaw-dropping journey of discovering the most fascinating features of our planet.

The Biggest, Highest, Most Extraordinary Features on Our Planet

Feel the mighty power of the highest waterfall and discover superheated water from a giant geyser. This educational book for children will ensure that you never look at the world, or its wonders, in the same way again.

Inside the pages of this stunning book about Earth, you'll find:

- Beautiful photography and CGI artworks of Earth's most dramatic features.
- Dashboard-style fact files that provide information at a glance.
- Informative, fun-to-read text that is based on the latest discoveries and scientific research.

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