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Oxford International Primary Computing: Student Book 1 - 6

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Oxford International Primary Computing is a complete six year primary computing course that takes a real-life, project based approach to teaching young learners the vital computing skills they will need for the digital world. Each unit builds a series of skills towards the creation of a final project, with topics ranging from designing your own robot to programming simple games.
Within each stage, six key concepts are covered to give learners not only the skills they need to use technology effectively, but also the knowledge in how to do so creatively, safely and collaboratively:
Control the computer - exploring the vital skills of logic and programming
Working with text -from editing simple text to creating engaging outputs
Handling Data - turning numbers in to useful and easy to understand data
The Internet - how can we use the internet safely, and how can we trust what we read?
Multimedia - harnessing technology creatively for graphics, animations, movies and more
Computing in society - asking big questions about real life applications of technology, from social media safety to the history of the world wide web