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Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator

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Discover the mental math secrets to become a human calculator!

Schools taught you a way to do math that works when you have a pen & paper. But the same methods, takes a lot of effort when you have to do math in your head. This is because it uses a lot of your working memory (the short term memory used to complete a mental task). For example, try to mentally multiply 73,201 x 3. It might take only a few seconds to multiply the individual digits. But if you multiply right to left the way you learnt in school, you will rely on your working memory. You will use it to recall every single digit you calculate to put it back together and get your final answer. You may even find yourself calculating some digits again because you forgot one of the numbers. The difficulty increases further when you have to multiply larger numbers like 732 x 323. You will have to remember numbers across many steps. Mental arithmetic would be a lot easier to do in your head if you didn’t have to remember so many numbers. In school, you learnt to write the down numbers as you calculate to free up your working memory. In mental math, there are many other ways to do the same thing. One of the tricks to free up your working memory is to calculate from left to right instead of right to left. Try multiplying 73,201 x 3 from left to right, starting from 7 x 3 and ending with 1 x 3. You will find yourself calling out the answer before you even finish the whole problem. You can use this trick to solve any math problem in the future. But we have just scratched the surface. There are many more tricks inside the book that make doing mental math as easy as reading a comic. Here is a glimpse of what you will be able to master:
  • Mentally add large numbers(Example: Add 8739 + 5492 in your head in seconds)
  • Subtract numbers fast. (Example: Mentally subtract 7520 - 4998 without writing anything down)
  • Multiplication tricks to multiply three-digit numbers. (Example: Multiply 323 x 123 in your head)
  • Square large numbers in seconds (Example: Calculate 64 x 64 faster than a calculator)
  • Mentally divide large numbers (Example: Divide 601324 by 73 entirely in your head)
  • Quickly check a calculation with 90% accuracy without re-calculating
  • Overcome math anxiety
  • Cement your mental math skills with bonus weekly training.
This book has the best techniques used by over 27 mental and Vedic math experts across the world. The techniques in this book are so simple you will wonder why nobody taught you this before. You will be able to master it, even if you have failed math in school. Imagine waking up tomorrow being able to do lightning fast math in your head. Your family & friends will look at you like you are some kind of a genius. Since you do the calculations in your head, you will acquire better mental habits in the process. So you will not just look like a genius. You will actually be one.
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Every minute you wait to buy this book, is another minute you don't see the benefit of being good with math & numbers. Put the power of mental math to work in your life so you can quickly & easily:
  • make math and numbers more useful
  • develop better memory habits
  • increase concentration
  • develop new ways to think
  • and do speed math entirely in your head faster than a calculator!