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Math on the Fly: America's Best Guide to ACT Math (mục lục không có số trang)

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Gain Higher ACT Math Scores with Lessons, Tips and Strategies that are used by Students who score in the 99th percentile on the test!

This book is for students who fit the following criteria:

  • They want to be more competitive to college admission boards and scholarship opportunities
  • They want to reduce test anxiety and be confident and ready on test day
  • They want to know which math topics show up most often on the test compared to other topics
  • They want the exact practice problems and exercises they need to maximize their test performance

Math on the Fly's Guide to ACT Math provides a comprehensive overview of the major topics that appear on the Mathematics section of the ACT.
  • The ACT math book covers fundamentals such as fractions, integers, ratios and percentages, and progresses to more advanced topics such as trigonometry and complex numbers
  • The book spans 54 sections and six chapters which include Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry and other miscellaneous topics such as logarithms and matrices
  • Included in the book are ACT math flash cards that are used to quickly reinforce math topics that are covered throughout the book

The 2022-2023 ACT math prep book also includes the following features:
  • Utilizes diagrams and detailed examples to help students learn concepts quickly
  • Covers tricks, tips and strategies used by students who routinely score high on the test
  • Explains concepts and uses practice problems that reflect the most current version of the ACT
  • Contains a calculator-only quiz to ensure students are proficient with their calculator
  • Includes special “starred” sections for students aiming for perfect math ACT scores

The author of the book is Nathaniel Brown, a Computer Engineering graduate from The University of Alabama. He has assisted numerous students to higher scores on the math portion of the ACT for nearly 15 years.

Put yourself on the road to higher ACT math scores by purchasing a copy of America's Best Guide to ACT Math today!