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Learn Java the Easy Way: A Hands-On Introduction to Programming

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Computational thinking and digital literacy will soon be mandatory in high schools across the US, with many already requiring students to learn Java in 11th and 12th grade. Get a jump start now and let Learn Java the Easy Way bring you up to speed in no time!
The quickest guide to Java programming that will have you building fun apps right away, from the author of Teach Your Kids to Code (over 50,000 copies sold).
Learn Java the Easy Way will have you saying ... 
  • Finally! A Java book that tackled my common need of coding a mobile app!
  • I felt at ease from the very first chapter.
  • I loved the easy pace and clear introduction! I'm excited to build a foundation in Java so I can code more!
 Learn Java the Easy Way takes the chore out of learning Java with hands-on projects that will get you building real, functioning apps right away.
  • Start small and simple, familiarizing yourself with JShell, Java's interactive command line shell that allows programmers to run single lines of code and get immediate feedback.
  • Create a guessing game, a secret message encoder, and a multitouch bubble-drawing app for both desktop and mobile devices using Eclipse and Android Studio.
  • As you build these apps, you'll learn to: Perform calculations
  • Manipulate text strings
  • Generate random colors
  • Use conditions, loops, and methods to make your programs interactive
  • Create functions to reuse code and save time
  • Build Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements, including buttons, menus, pop-ups, and sliders
  • Take advantage of Eclipse and Android Studio features to debug your code and prevent common mistakes