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IB English B Skills & Practice

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Definitively strengthening skills central to English B assessment, this supportive guide was written by an English B workshop leader to improve learners' confidence and understanding. Directly supporting the English B Course Book, each assessment component is fully covered, embedding exam strategies and providing extensive practice for all question-types. Ensuring learners master receptive and productive skills in addition to strengthening organization, presentation and conversation skills, it maximizes achievement in assessment.

· Directly linked to the English B Course Book, providing the most comprehensive support available
· Matches exam structure, fully addressing every assessment component to build student confidence
· Cements understanding of exam questions, including clear examples and sample responses
· Closely develops all the crucial skills learners need for exams, packed with focused practice and activities
· Strengthens key organization, presentation and conversation skills, ensuring confident achievement in the IA 
· Embeds strategies for tackling all question types, maximizing attainment

About the Series:
IB Skills & Practice books are designed to provide IB students with a step-by-step approach to practicing the skills needed for success on exams. IB Skills & Practice books are packed with guidance, assessment support, and practical tasks. Aligned with current syllabuses these indispensable books are a must-have for all IB students.