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English for Everyone Junior: Beginner's Practice Book

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Start learning English as a second language with this visually stimulating practice book for children ages 6-9.

Accompanying the English for Everyone Junior: Beginner's Course, this beautifully illustrated workbook features an abundance of vocabulary and grammar exercises for children learning English as a foreign language.

When it comes to languages, practice really does make perfect! This work book guides young linguistic learners through exercises and activities to consolidate what they've learnt and build confidence in their skills.

Making use of a range of both familiar and new exercise mechanisms, this practice book is an invaluable research tool to test the vocabulary and grammar structures taught in the course book.

Immerse yourself in this practical ESL learning material, which includes:

-Over 1,000 vocabulary and grammar exercises
-Lay-flat binding, making the book easier to write in
-Extensive accompanying audio resources that can be accessed via the website and the app
-The same unit-by-unit structure as the English for Everyone Junior: Beginner's Course, making it the perfect learning accompaniment

Puzzled by past tenses? Confused by comparatives?

At DK, we believe that language learning doesn't have to be dominated by verb endings and grammar structures! English for Everyone Junior's dynamic and visual approach makes language learning fun, and produces results fast.

Although best used to accompany English for Everyone Junior: Beginner's Course, this practice book can also be used independently by children or teachers who are in need of additional beginners-level English practice exercises.

Looking for more English language resources for all ages and abilities?

English for Everyone sells guides and practice books in over 90 countries, supporting English learning for children, teenagers, and adults all around the world. Covering English speaking, reading, and writing at all levels, this catch-all collection has got you covered, whatever your skillset!