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Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life

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Let’s travel back in time! Discover the incredible world of prehistoric plants and animals. 

Marvel at fossils and natural history and discover more than 90 animals and plants from prehistory. Packed with dinosaurs and animals from the ice age, you’ll learn about the tyrannosaurus, saber-tooth tiger, wooly mammoth and even early humans!

This beautifully illustrated dinosaur book is ideal for kids ages 7 years old and older. Discover:

   • More than 90 species from the past, each with a stunning photograph of a fossil, a gorgeous illustration of the organism, and a captivating story
   • A quality gift to be passed down through the generations: metallic foil all over, satin ribbon, metallic edges, and head and tail bands
   • Large, detailed photographs and illustrations
   • A descriptive, narrative approach to each entry, rather than annotations and fact boxes
   • Core reference information included in the chapter openers, topic spreads and index

The perfect storybook for children to explore prehistory! Fascinating descriptions in this dinosaur book cover myths and legends about these animals, and surprising facts about the natural history of prehistoric life. Find out why Pachycephalosaurus had such a thick head, how a coral fossil can be used to work out how long a prehistoric year was, and which fossil was thought to protect people from poison!

This beautifully illustrated prehistoric book unfolds the history of earth and answers questions kids commonly ask like, “What happened to dinosaurs?” Organized into the Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras, and packed with fascinating details, children will return to these colorful pages time and time again.

Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life is a wonderful dinosaur gift book for children who are intrigued by the natural world.