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Digital SAT Math Practice Questions

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Ace the Math section of the Digital SAT with this latest book! Digital SAT Math Practice Questions is an all-in-one practice book with ample practice questions according to the new format of the digital test, answer explanations, detailed information about the test, and much more.

If you are worried about not having the right resources for preparing for the Digital SAT, we’ve got you covered! This book is one of the first books to give you the latest and most relevant practice for the math section of the Digital SAT.

What does the book include?

  • Latest information on the question format, test structure, scoring process, etc of the Digital SAT
  • 300 Math Practice Questions for comprehensive practice
  • Questions from a variety of domains preset by the College Board
  • Exhaustive answer explanations and distractor explanations for each question
  • Questions with varying difficulty levels 

You will have access to a huge bank of math questions that have been curated by SAT experts. These questions vary in difficulty levels which means that you will be able to assess your knowledge level, improve your weak points, and recognize the strong ones. 

To help you understand the logic behind the answers, the book also includes in-depth answer explanations and distractor explanations that explore every answer choice, whether correct or incorrect. Apart from this, it has a separate chapter that comprises all the information that you need to know about the Digital SAT.

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This book is part of Vibrant Publisher’s Test Prep series which makes test preparation fruitful for test takers of SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT.

SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this product.