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Cracking the SAT Subject Test in Physics, 16th Edition

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  • Dòng sản phẩm: Sách SAT
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This is a book for SAT Physics Test.

CRACKING THE SAT SUBJECT TEST IN PHYSICS, 16TH EDITION-everything you need to help score a perfect 800

  • Equip yourself to ace the SAT Subject Test in Physics with The Princeton Review’s comprehensive study guide—including 2 full-length practice tests, thorough reviews of key physics topics, and targeted strategies for every question type.
  • Physics can be a tough subject to get a good handle on—and scoring well on the SAT Subject Test isn’t easy to do. Written by the experts at The Princeton Review,Cracking the SAT Subject Test in Physicsarms you to take on the exam and achieve your highest possible score.
  • Techniques That Actually Work.
  • Tried-and-true strategies to help you avoid traps and beat the test
  • Tips for pacing yourself and guessing logically
  • Essential tactics to help you work smarter, not harder
  • Everything You Need to Know for a High Score.
  • Expert subject reviews for every test topic
  • Up-to-date information on the SAT Subject Test in Physics
  • Score conversion tables to help you assess your performance and track your progress
  • Practice Your Way to Perfection.
  • 2 full-length practice testswith detailed answer explanations
  • Sample review questions at the end of each content chapter, plus final drill sections to test your comprehension
  • Robust, easily reviewable summaries that emphasize core concepts