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Challenging Cases in Neurologic Localization: An Evidence-Based Guide

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This concise book is about using clinical stories to learn how to practice neurology.

Each chapter represents a neurological case from different sub-specialty of neurology; authors illustrate how clinical neurology storytelling remains heavily tied to a detailed understanding of neuroanatomy, then consideration of a differential diagnosis for neuroanatomic localization before determining an etiologic a differential diagnosis.  The neuroanatomic localization can be focal (one spot or region), multifocal (two or more physically discrete separate regions), or diffuse (widely dispersed across a broad but selected part of neuroanatomy). These stories capture the hypothesis testing point of view by offering different diagnostic possibilities based on presenting history alone, and then the storyteller revises those possibilities after testing them further with physical exam findings and later with test data.  At each point, the exercise is to understand what the possibilities are based only on the information available at that point of the hypothesis testing and data collection processes.

This interesting read for the upcoming residents and medical student educates on presenting complex neurological case in an explicit way.