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Beginning Java 9 Fundamentals: Arrays, Objects, Modules, JShell, and Regular Expressions 2nd Edition

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Learn the basics of Java 9, including basic programming concepts and the object-oriented fundamentals necessary at all levels of Java development. Author Kishori Sharan walks you through writing your first Java program step-by-step. Armed with that practical experience, you'll be ready to learn the core of the Java language. Beginning Java 9 Fundamentals provides over 90 diagrams and 240 complete programs to help you learn the topics faster.
The book continues with a series of foundation topics, including using data types, working with operators, and writing statements in Java. These basics lead onto the heart of the Java language: object-oriented programming. By learning topics such as classes, objects, interfaces, and inheritance you'll have a good understanding ofJava's object-oriented model.
The final collection of topics takes what you've learned and turns you into a real Java programmer. You'll see how to take the power of object-oriented programming and write programs that can handle errors and exceptions, process strings and dates, format data, and work with arrays to manipulate data.
This book is a companion to two other books also by Sharan focusing on APIs and advanced Java topics.

What You’ll Learn
  • Write your first Java programs with an emphasis on learning object-oriented programming in Java
  • Work with data types, operators, statements, classes and objects
  • Handle exceptions, assertions, strings and dates, and object formatting
  • Use regular expressions 
  • Work with arrays, interfaces, enums, and inheritance
  • Take advantage of the new JShell REPL tool
Who This Book Is For
Those who are new to Java programming, who may have some or even no prior programming experience.