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Beginner's Guide to Code Algorithms, 1st Edition

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Do you have creative ideas that you wish you could transform into code?

Do you want to boost your problem solving and logic skills?

Do you want to enhance your career by adopting an algorithmic mindset?

In our increasingly digital world, coding is an essential skill. Communicating an algorithm to a machine to perform a set of tasks is vital. Beginner’s Guide to Code Algorithms: Experiments to Enhance Productivity and Solve Problems written by Deepankar Maitra teaches you how to think like a programmer. The author unravels the secret behind writing code – building a good algorithm. Algorithmic thinking leads to asking the right question and enables a shift from issue resolution to value creation. Having this mindset will make you more marketable to employers.

This book takes you on a problem-solving journey to expand your mind and increase your willingness to experiment with code.

You will:

  • Learn the art of building an algorithm through hands-on exercises
  • Understand how to develop code for inspiring productivity concepts
  • Build a mentality of developing algorithms to solve problems
  • Develop, test, review, and improve code through guided experimentation

This book is designed to develop a culture of logical thinking through intellectual stimulation. It will benefit students and teachers of programming, business professionals, as well as experienced users of Microsoft Excel who wish to become proficient with macros.