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AWS Security

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Running your systems in the cloud doesn’t automatically make them secure. Learn the tools and new management approaches you need to create secure apps and infrastructure on AWS.

In AWS Security you’ll learn how to:

    Securely grant access to AWS resources to coworkers and customers
    Develop policies for ensuring proper access controls
    Lock-down network controls using VPCs
    Record audit logs and use them to identify attacks
    Track and assess the security of an AWS account
    Counter common attacks and vulnerabilities

Written by security engineer Dylan Shields, AWS Security provides comprehensive coverage on the key tools and concepts you can use to defend AWS-based systems. You’ll learn how to honestly assess your existing security protocols, protect against the most common attacks on cloud applications, and apply best practices to configuring identity and access management and virtual private clouds.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the technology
AWS provides a suite of strong security services, but it’s up to you to configure them correctly for your applications and data. Cloud platforms require you to learn new techniques for identity management, authentication, monitoring, and other key security practices. This book gives you everything you’ll need to defend your AWS-based applications from the most common threats facing your business.

About the book
AWS Security is the guide to AWS security services you’ll want on hand when you’re facing any cloud security problem. Because it’s organized around the most important security tasks, you’ll quickly find best practices for data protection, auditing, incident response, and more. As you go, you’ll explore several insecure applications, deconstruct the exploits used to attack them, and learn how to react with confidence.

What's inside

    Develop policies for proper access control
    Securely assign access to AWS resources
    Lock-down network controls using VPCs
    Record audit logs and use them to identify attacks
    Track and assess the security of an AWS account

About the reader
For software and security engineers building and securing AWS applications.

About the author
Dylan Shields is a software engineer working on Quantum Computing at Amazon. Dylan was one of the first engineers on the AWS Security Hub team.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction to AWS security
2 Identity and access management
3 Managing accounts
4 Policies and procedures for secure access
5 Securing the network: The virtual private cloud
6 Network access protection beyond the VPC
7 Protecting data in the cloud
8 Logging and audit trails
9 Continuous monitoring
10 Incident response and remediation
11 Securing a real-world application